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Special Cuts By The Global Diamond

Blue Flame Diamond

Eurostar has introduced a new branded diamond cut called the Blue Flame. The cut has 89 facets and goes with a specially designed line of jewelry, all made for Tesiro, a partnership between Eurostar and China’s Tongling Group that runs more than 150 retail jewelry outlets in China. The Blue Flame cut was introduced in Antwerp, where it was designed by two master cutters, Bernard Van Pul and Koen Van Ishoven. Its next stop is the Berlin Film Festival, which Tesiro co-sponsors. The new cut will appear in jewelry worn by film stars Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta Jones. The official launch is scheduled for the end of January at the Rubens House in Antwerp. The first Blue Flame diamond will feature an HRD Antwerp diamond grading certificate. “The Blue Flame diamond cut was designed by two Antwerp cutters, Bernard Van Pul and Koen Van Ishoven,” said Freddy J. Hanard, CEO of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

Brilliant Lady 21

A new multi-faceted round diamond cut, the Brilliant Lady 21 cut, includes 221 facets -56 crown facets – 64 pavilion facets and a culet facet, as well as 100 minute facets polished on the girdle. The branded cut is marketed as an exclusive “Made in Antwerp’” diamond. HRD Certificates issued with its proprietary name printed clearly on each certificate.


The unique Cadi by Trapz is opening up innovative directions in jewelry design for manufacturers and designers. A modified trapezoid, its unique design endows the stone with a distinctive 3-D quality that has awakened considerable interest among major jewelry manufacturers and designers worldwide.

Context Cut

The Context Cut is a square cut that was developed by Dr. Ulrich Freiesleben of Germany in the early 1980s then patented and trademarked in 1997. The Context Cut consists of two back-to-back pyramids (an octahedron), forming a square shape when viewed from the top. The cut follows a rough diamond crystal’s natural octahedral shape, with star-shaped cross facets cut diagonally into the pavilion. The cut has a total of 8 facets plus a girdle. The Context Cut design was based on an earlier patented design by Bernd Munsteiner from the early 1960s.

Cross Cut

The Cross Cut is cut and polished (with 29-72 facets) from a single rough diamond. There are 5 different designs — Brilliant, Classic, Gothic, Lotus and Step.

Cullinan Star Cut

The Cullinan Star Cut is a round brilliant diamond with 66 facets of exceptional fire. Every stone is laser inscribed with the Cullinan Star Cut Logo. From a community perspective the purchase indirectly benefits the P.D.C. Initiative, because a percentage of the sale of every diamond is allocated to a Cullinan social upliftment program bringing skills development and job creation to the town that has brought the world so much beauty). Every stone comes with an internationally recognized laboratory certification. The brand is supported in-store with branded counter material including brochures with a strong focus on brand color, as well as certification and authenticity packs with details of the cut and Cullinan’s unique background. Distribution is through Laub Diamond.

Eighternity Cut

A unique 81-facet design, the Eighternity is the next generation of the round diamond that exhibits visual qualities superior to standard round brilliants, while maintaining a distinctly different appearance. The diamond shows a double-headed arrows and beautiful flower pattern when viewed from the top; a special viewer, included with your stone, lets you see the patterns clearly even when the stone is mounted. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Certification number and Eighternity logo micro-laser inscribed on every stone, visible through a special second viewer supplied with every stone. All Eighternity diamonds are responsibly cut and polished, using only conflict-free untreated natural diamonds.

Eighty Eight Cut

This is a unique 8 sided cut with 88 facets. 8 sides, shaped to perfection, 88 facets , 30 more facets than a traditional round. Patented and certified.

Emerald Cut-Traditional Cut

This is a classic step cut diamond, rectangular in shape with 48 – 50 facets.

Eskimo Arctic Ice Diamonds

Every Eskimo Arctic Diamonds ensures that the very highest standards of authenticity and quality are maintained in bringing Northern Canadian Diamonds to the world. Eskimo Arctic Diamonds are from the top 25% of rough stones mined from Canada ’s North West Territories. The CanadaMark authentication process is used for tracking the diamonds birth place. Each Eskimo Diamond is accompanied by the Canadian Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing its country of origin and quality. An ID number, along with an image of a maple leaf, is inscribed with a laser on the girdle of each diamond. Eskimo Arctic diamonds has won accreditation as a participant in the Strict Canadian Code of Conduct for diamonds set forth by the government of Canada.

Estrella Diamond

DTC endorses Estrella Diamond created by Rosy Blue for TSL Jewellery Hong Kong. 100 facets, 9 hearts, 1 blossom – this is truly a unique round diamond. Certification by Gemex measures the diamond’s light performance.

FireMark Princess Cut

This particular cut of diamond is distinguished by a patent-pending “double-crown” with additional and specifically designed facets and distinctive angles that enhance the fire and brilliance of the stone, as well as having shaved corners which offer an increased durability. Consistently graded “Excellent” for polish and symmetry by the GIA. Consistently rated “Excellent” for Light Performance by GCAL. Patent-pending “Double Crown” with additional facets and distinctive angles that enhance the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Chamfered (shaved) corners for significantly increased durability (invisible to the naked eye). Smaller tables (68% maximum). Depths of less than 71%. FireMark™ trademarked logo inscribed on the girdle. Hasenfeld-Stein Inc. Available only to independent retail jewelers (not available on Polygon, RapNet, or any other B2B or B2C website). Geographic exclusivity. Specially designed sleeve for the GIA certificate. Custom GCAL Certificate. 10 page consumer handout brochure (featuring original photography). Full color and black & white ad slicks (featuring original photography). Personalized Counter Cards. Sales training. Hasenfeld-Stein will offer FireMark stones with clarity of VS-SI1, color D-I, excellent cut and between 0.7 and 3 carats.

Flanders Ideal Square Cut

The Flanders Ideal Square Cut has the visual outline of a square shape, with 4 short sides and 4 long sides‚ almost like an emerald shape with 4 cut corners. The diamond is cut to ideal proportions for maximum brilliance. The cut was first polished in 1987 in a small diamond polishing factory near Antwerp, the capital of Flanders, the northern federal region of Belgium, and comes with certification from the HRD Gemological Institute. Chicago based, National Diamond Syndicate, Inc. (a family owned business with more than 3 generations of experience) is the distributor for this cut in the USA. NDS has “Strategic Alliance Partners” in Antwerp, Belgium; Mumbai, India; and Ramat Gan, Israel.

French Cut

The French cut diamond is generally reported to be one of the oldest diamond cuts. The French cuts have a small table, high crown, great depth, and large facets. These facets give off beautiful broad reflections in almost all colors of the diamond.

Kite Diamond – Traditional Cut

The Kyte Diamond was available exclusively at Bailey Banks & Biddle set in earrings, necklaces, and crosses. The proprietary kite shaped diamond was handcrafted by Leo Schachter for the jewelers.


The Lily cut has 65 facets compared to the 43 facets of the princess cut and is cut exclusively by Lili Diamonds (originally named Siman-Tov Bros.) located in the center of the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat-Gan, Israel. The still hold the worldwide patent for the Lily Cut that was granted in 1996. This diamond features 4 lobes which resemble a shamrock, clover, or flower.

Lone Star

The flag of Texas has a lone star as its prominent feature; and Texas is known as the Lone Star state. The characteristics of this special cut (designed by 2 native Texans) is the appearance of a 5 point star when the viewer looks directly into the stone. The Lone Star Cut was designated as the official State Gemstone Cut of Texas in 1977.

Magen David Diamond

Magen David or The Shield of David (also called the Star of David) is widely known as the symbol of Judaism. It is affixed to the pavilion of this diamond so that its reflection is clearly visible within the table as well as throughout the entire stone.

Nenoir Diamond

Nenoir is a CanadaMark diamond brand that includes First Private Ownership (FPO) meaning that each diamond is accompanied by a complete “biography” starting at the mines of Canada’s Northwest Territories until its personalized registration (for the consumer) when set in jewelry. Targeted at the engagement ring market because of the emotional significance of the individual and personal connection. Certification.

Prince Cut

Developed by Avi Paz Group and marketed by Quadamas, the PrinceCut is a modified emerald shape diamond and was also awarded U.S. and international patents in a baguette shape diamond. There are a total of 111 facets in the PrinceCut: 41 are on the crown and 70 are on the pavilion.

Princess Cut – Traditional Cut

Brilliant style shape, sharp uncut corners, typically cut perfectly square. a princess generally has 76 facets. This shape lends itself to invisibly set jewelry – and is often calbriated for exact measurement and sizes – straight and graduated.

Regent Cut

The Regent Cut diamond shape was born at the Atlass Group in Antwerp, Belgium. A joint venture with Horowitz & Atlass, New York City brings the Regent Cut™ to the U.S. market. The 66-facet Regent Cut™ is based in part on the Regent Diamond, part of the French Crown Jewels that history texts have long declared the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. There are 41 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion of the Regent Cut™. The Regent has been superceded by the “Queen of Hearts” and now The Jubilee Diamond as being the best of all modified square diamond shapes (all produced by Horowitz & Atlass).

Rising Star – Flowers

Rising Star cuts a variety of unique shapes including kites for 7-stone & 9-stone composite flowers.

Royal Asscher Cut

The diamond expert, Fred Cueller, says, “It’s not very often in one’s life you can hold magic in your hands that all at once reflects the magnitude of the past and the promise of the future. The Royal Asscher diamond is that magic. Cut from an octahedral shaped piece of rough to a 74 facet step-cut octagon, this diamond exhibits all the punch of a hurricane without sacrificing its quiet sophistication and regal temperament.” He further explains, “Where the Royal Asscher appears to get its magic is from its carefully sculptured pavilion.”

Royal Brilliant Cut

The Royal Brilliant diamond‚ a cut created by Japanese diamantaire Mickey Ishida of EX Royal Co.‚ Inc.‚ is an 82-faceted round brilliant. The cut is its own study in the aesthetics of brilliance and scintillation‚ the concept being that‚ especially in larger stones‚ the more facets‚ the more sparkle. The cut is patented (U.S. Patent #286‚387) and the Royal Brilliant name is trademarked. The company holds design copyrights in 11 other countries.

Scallop Diamond Cut

The Scallop cut looks more like a flower shape (with 8 petals) than a scallop. The Sunflower is almost identical to the Scallop – only in yellow. Distinctive flower around the culet. The cut is a scalloped edged modified round diamond. Patented. Softer and more feminine than the traditional round, the shape works beautifully for necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

The Vinci Cut

The pentacle is an upright five-point star encased in a circle. The Divine Proportion, which was invoked by Leonardo Da Vinci in his study of the Vitruvian Man. In 2001, the renowned diamond designer Shlomo Cohen set out to create a “pentacle” cut that would incorporate the ratios of the Divine Proportion. The result of his efforts was what today is called “The Vinci Diamond”. It has been patented in Japan, Israel, Belgium and the United States.

Trielle Diamond

Trielle is a patented triangular brilliant cut diamond that differs substantially from any other triangular diamond on the market. (United States Patent D250,100). Every Trielle diamond is an equilateral triangle that is cut with 50 facets – 41 (including the table and culet) plus 9 girdle facets. Trielle diamonds are cut from rough diamonds called macles – hard, flat, often triangular-shaped rough diamonds which usually contain a twin crystal. Because of the many irregularities in the graining of this type of rough diamond, a high degree of cutting expertise is required. The pavilion angles are cut first to shape the rough diamond and create depth. After the pavilion angles, the crown facets are cut and the proportions of the table are determined. The girdle facets are then polished making sure that the resulting shape is a perfectly equilateral triangle. The table and culet are polished last to ensure that there are no scratches or bruises on the stone before the final step. The final step is called brillianteering. It is in this final step that the accuracy of cutting is most crucial. At this point each facet is formed symmetrically-one facet in relation to another. Certificate of Authenticity.


Henry Meyer Diamond Company has branded the Trilliant diamond which is cut exclusively with straight sides as an equilateral triangle, slightly pinched at the tips. The finished diamond contains 50 facets. The term “trilliant” is often used as a generic name for triangular modified brilliant diamond shapes since it is not trademarked or patented.

Tundra Canadian Diamonds

Tundra Diamonds are Canadian Arctic Diamonds. These extraordinary gemstones are mined in Canada, certified by the CanadaMark, and are truly conflict-free. The discovery of diamonds in Canada’s north is a story that is legendary throughout the diamond world. The triumph over the vast geography, harsh terrain and formidable odds produced a reliable new source of quality diamonds. A disciplined, failsafe program of identification and tracking was required to ensure the authenticity of these diamonds from the mine through to the consumer. Tundra Diamonds are all completely natural. No laser holes. No fillers. No enhancement techniques employed. After being cut using the most advanced technology and most highly skilled cutters, Tundra Diamonds are then sent to the Gemmological Institute of America for grading and appraisal.

Tycoon Cut

The patented, Tycoon Cut‚ is a rectangular mixed cut with 7 crown facets and 20 step-cut pavilion facets. The faceting of the crown is what makes the Tycoon Cut unique, as the top center facet is in the shape of a diamond, making it “the only diamond with a diamond on top”. It is this table facet arrangement that gives it a higher degree of brilliance and fire, and enables it to better hide inclusions than a traditional rectangular cut. The step-cut pavilion design allows the color of the diamond to appear to be higher than it actually is. The diamonds are polished in the company’s factory in Netanya, Israel, from rectangular crystal rough diamonds. This cut is manufactured in a variety of step-cut shapes: square, rectangular, taper, cut corner square, and trapezoid. Each stone is laser inscribed with the brand name and a serial number; and diamonds (40 points +) come with a GIA certificate.

Yin Yang Diamond

The yin yang symbol has been popular as an element in jewelry for many years. The innovation here is that it is being offered in a diamond – a classic symbol of love. In ancient Chinese philosophy the concept of yin and yang represents the two opposing forces of the universe. Yin, the dark side, is cool and feminine; yang is brighter and corresponds to light and the masculine. Yin is water, while yang is fire. The Yin Yang Diamond brings these two opposing sides together; and by juxtaposing 2 diamonds of 2 colors the composite shape creates the illusion of one whole that faithfully reproduces the ancient symbol. The Yin Yang Diamond can be worn together or in 2 separate ways – with each partner wearing a different color. The most popular combination is black and white, which reflects the traditional yin yang, but the branded cut is being offered in all colors.

Zoe Cut

The Zoe Diamond (modified round 100 perfectly designed facets) uses a new mathematical approach allowing almost twice the amount of light to reflect within the diamond. The Zoe is polished in an extremely limited diamond by Gabrielle Diamonds and is considered to be ultra-exclusive – 12 per year – once a month.

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